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I’ve been sending out regular emails to a growing list of interested people since around 2006 mainly to give dates of my weekend courses which I started doing around then. This is an archive of those newsletters – the most recent is at the top – click for the complete versions.

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latest issue:

newsletter 19, part 1 – September 2016:


Lots of special offers – lots of inlay lines.

smartHinge available in stainless steel and gold plated …

nl18_archivenewsletter 18 – May 2016more smartWare progress – the key to success – piglet feeding time
coming-next-1.092124.202420newsletter 17, part 2 – Dec 2015smartWare update – real progress!! Death of a tree – disc sanders – Frank Zappa, Tina Turner and me – Laurence Brand [everyone needs one!] – … 
header3.220246newsletter 17, part 1 – Dec 2015new facebook page, new fine boxes slideshow launched, special course offer, ‘what it needs is a bird’, chocolate clamp …
NL16_header.204021newsletter 16 – July 2015more smartWare news – actual news! Course dates, new fine-boxes slideshow planned, book news, mystery object and deliberate mistake solutions – and a few other titbits …
NL15_headernewsletter 15 – December review – special offers, smartWare news and a summary of the delays involved, Linley, coming soon, me and Tina, and a very embarrassing typo!
header-NL14newsletter 14 – December 2014Derry and Toms – a rest from teaching, course dates for 2015, ‘The Incomplete Guide to Box Making”, a case for a very special flute, box on the box, starbocks, mystery pic.
newsletter 13a – December 2014 extrasmartHinge special offer – Radio 4 – ‘We are at the very precipice of a runaway train … ‘
header.NL13newsletter 13 – December 2013inlay lines, glue bottles, iPhone documentaries, lining materials, large abrasive sheets, on New look and home for  newsletters, smartHinge news – now in stainless, ‘Gold’ BMW 5 day course, 2014 course dates, gift tokens – and a piano that became a harpsichord!
NL_12_headernewsletter 12 – June 2013newsletter content, new websites:,, A case for Carla, BMW ‘Gold’ reviewed, weekend course review Nick Gibbs, Suzuki Samurai etc. smartHinge offer to newsletter subscribers, new finishes. smartHinge users gallery? smartLock – a worthy stablemate for smartHinge:
NL_11_headernewsletter 11 – November 2012Box locks discussed: security? what’s out there, ‘Neat lock’, smartHinge news, a bit of news from a satisfied smartHinge user, Axminster, Nuneaton …
NL_10_headernewsletter 10 – August 2012Newsletter news, BMW ‘Gold’, smartHinge is back – and it’s cheaper! A few flute cases …
NL_09_headernewsletter 9 – February 2012Weekend box making courses in detail: where they are, what you make, what you learn. – box making supplies. Robert Inghams corner jig review in Furniture & Cabinetmaking.
NL_08_headernewsletter 8 – November 2011Weekend courses and one-to-one reviewed, box making done! ‘Pilgrim glasses case’, mystery pic explained, Precision Inlay Corner Jig – not at all happy with Veritas! smartHinge the movie, knighthood for Crawford! New book, music news.
NL_07_headernewsletter 7 – June 2011Veritas “Precision Inlay Corner Jig” now available. The new jig explained, a perfect result every time! Ordering info – British Woodworking ‘abrasives’ article, end of ‘Boxes in France, 2011’. Other news in very brief.
NL_06_headernewsletter 6 – March 2011smartHinge now available in US, some recent excellent UK reviews, smartHinge is incredibly easy to fit, some feedback from users …
NL_05_headernewsletter 5 – February 2011These newsletters – smartHinge news, reviews, retailers, publicity. Boxes in France, 2011. Some box making done! Reed boxes, mystery pic, writing, students’ gallery, box making supplies.
NL_04_headernewsletter 4 – January 2011Your opportunity to buy before the rush: expecting to receive the first consignment soon …
NL_03_headernewsletter 3 – November 2010Australia review – WA Woodshow, Fine Wood Work Association, Fantastic ‘Out of the Woods’ box competition, beer, kangaroos and some boxes, Australian School of Fine Wood, Forest Heritage Centre, beer, Dwellingup, Neil Erasmus etc … holiday, wildlife, more beer! Hinges … Boxes in France, 2011. Veritas Corner Jig, Box making supplies, update …
NL_02_headernewsletter 2 – July 2010Box making course in France, Australia trip preview. More “Boxes and Their Makers” news … Corner squaring jig, Old Books, News Books … workshop refit.
NL_01_headernewsletter 1 – January 2010The first … a special offer on one-to-one teaching, box makers’ corner jig, Australia – WA Wood Show, Australia – other events, “Boxes and their makers”, Images from past courses, the new book.

NB: If you have signed up and you think you’ve not received a newsletter you should have done [see above] then please email me.

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