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smartWare & lining weekend
                        … bring your own box!


Hardware and lining should be like film music: well done it will subtly compliment and enhance and you’ll hardy notice it – BADLY done and you’ll REALLY notice it, and it can spoil everything!


smartWaresmartHinges and smartLock – is the finest box hardware available, and the easiest of any to fit. Around four thousand pairs of smartHinges have already been fitted by satisfied customers all round the world, and the long awaited matching smartLock will be available from the end of October. So why spoil all your hard work with anything less?!


Many will appreciate the opportunity for a real, hands on introduction to these excellent products – so, if you’ve a box you’ve made [or are planning to make in the near future, see requirements below] and you’d like to fit the best hardware available to it, line it with beautiful pigsuede, and learn a lot of other useful tricks and tips besides, then this weekend is definitely for you.


All participants will get a complete smartWare set – a pair of smartHinges and a smartLock – in either polished brass or stainless steel – and all the materials necessary to line their box. We will concentrate on the processes of fitting them in great detail and by the end of the two days you will be set up to achieve equally professional results for every box you make from now on …


also covered:

making and inlaying an escutcheon
forming an elegant keyhole
giving your smartWare a more traditional look by squaring the ends of the hinge leaves and lock plates.
a brief look at other currently available hardware
… and the six ways of fitting butt hinges:


And yes – it IS six!

And although this isn’t strictly a box MAKING course, there will usually be some time for general discussion of box making, and your box[es] in particular …


Tools/machines needed for fitting smartWare:

No special jigs or aids are necessary and only tools and machines that most will have in their workshop are used. However, peoples’ available tools and facilities do vary so I can offer advice on the how best to do the job using your own particular setup …

smartHinge: A good quality table mounted router, screwdriver, drill and bits … that’s it!
smartLock: the above, plus drill press, and you will also need a drill and some needle files to form the keyhole.


box requirements:

smartWare is suitable for almost all traditional, straight sided, rectanguar format boxes. It is NOT suitable for boxes with overhanging solid lids made separately from the main carcass. Wall thickness must be at least 10mm, preferably 12mm or more, and the height below the [flat] lid margin must be at least 30mm … If in doubt, please contact me before you book …

You can bring a maximum of three boxes, but an additional [discounted] charge will be made for the extra smartWare used … Further discounted smartWare and lining materials [over and above what’s included in the course] will be available to all participants … together with all the usual smartBoxmaker range: inlay lines, wide abrasives, glue bottles and other misc items.




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